How can I purchase a gift certificate?

Balsamroot Massage now offers the opportunity to purchase gift certificates without bothering to coordinate a time to come to the studio!  Simply send Susan a message through the contact window on this website letting her know how many and what kind of (1-hour, half-hour) gift certificates you'd like, along with your physical address, and she'll issue you an invoice by email.  You can pay on-line using a credit card.  Once Susan receives notice that payment has been made (very quickly, via the new system her scheduling program has just incorporated), she'll mail you a high-quality color paper gift certificate and envelope to present to your friend--or you can give her the friend's name and address and she'll mail the certificate(s) directly to that person, announcing your gift.

     You're also welcome to telephone Susan at 339-1130 or to contact her via her personal email ( to arrange a time to stop by and pick up a gift certificate in person.

Why give the gift of massage?

Gift certificates for massage are a wonderful way to show a friend or loved one that you care, especially when that person needs relaxation and easing of muscular tension.

They are especially appropriate for caregivers, including health care professionals and those caring for their own loved ones, and for the bereaved.  People in these categories are often reluctant to take time for themselves, yet they need time out and the healing power of touch, too.  The ease of physical pain and stress relief that massage offer can go a long way toward providing the relaxation and renewed energy essential to dealing with daily challenges and/or difficult moments in a life. 

Massage can be literally life-saving for cancer patients or survivors suffering from edema/lymphedema.

Gift certificates from Balsamroot Massage can help insure that these friends and family do take time for themselves, and can stand as a literally tangible reminder of your support and care.