Susan is available to speak to groups about hands-on tips for easy massage techniques for self-care for busy, stressed people; about the ways massage can help with chronic and deep stress; and more specifically about grief/caregiver massage.  Support groups both organized and informal, and groups of health care and social service workers are invited to contact her via the "Leave Your Details" pop-up to discuss options.  Presentations can range from 15 minute introductory talks to workshops of several hours; they might focus on extant research and/or include techniques for self-massage.  Susan can even offer short chair massages at events attended by caregivers and/or the bereaved.

As a retired ISU faculty member (named Distinguished Teacher, Distinguished Public Servant, and Distinguished Researcher during her 30+ years of service), Susan has extensive experience in instruction.  She has also served as a member of the Idaho Humanities Council's Speakers Bureau, presenting hundreds of public presentations and workshops over more than two decades.